Music School Policy

Music School Policy September 2023

1. Payments: Payments are made in blocks according to the school term. Classes are available during school holidays and midterms. Please consult the Music School Calendar to find term dates.

2. Making a payment: We accept bank transfer or cash payments. Each payment will be due the week before the beginning of a new term. Late payments will incur a 10% late fee.

3. Cancellations: If a student cannot attend their lesson for any reason they should inform me by text or email with as much notice as possible. Unfortunately, missed lessons cannot be rescheduled because all teaching hours are filled at present. In the case of inclement weather, lessons will be done online via Zoom.

4. Recitals: We host seasonal recitals for all of students! These recitals aren’t mandatory but are very beneficial for developing every musician’s performance skills.

5. Practice: Depending on musical level, we recommend a minimum of 15 minutes practice per day to ensure students are improving and getting the most out of lessons.

6. Zoom: Lessons are available in person or online via Zoom. This is up to the personal preference of the student and can be alternated as required.

7. Exams: We offer guidance for RIAM and ABRSM exams through to Grade 8. In collaboration with pupils and their guardians, teachers reserve the right to decide when students are ready to sign up and partake in exams.